VSAT Services

VSAT Services

Satellite communication offer unsurpassed geographical coverage and extremely reliable communication media. Due to which its applications are numerous and is being used by us in our daily life in many different forms.

Envision Satellite Data Network Solutions are comprised of large array of products from SATCOM leaders, antenna manufacturers, satellite bandwidth service providers and our decades of experience in implementing solutions. Our solutions uses open standards and best-of-the-bread products integration, this gives a cutting edge to our customer in terms of solution and competitive prices over the others.

Applications Areas

• Primary & Secondary distribution automation
• SCADA applications for Power, Oil, Gas Utilities
• ICCP communication
• Voice & Legacy Data
• Kiosks

Solution Highlights

• One Point contact for End to End satellite Data Communication Solution
• SCADA for Distribution Automation
• Voice & Data
• Guaranteed & On-Demand Bandwidth Allocation for Remote VSAT’s / RTU’s
• Centralized Management

Services Highlights

• Site survey, Engineering Services
• Hardware Selection, Procurement & Supply
• Hub Station & VSAT’s Installation & Commissioning
• Liasoning with Govt Agencies for necessary Approvals
• Satellite Bandwidth Provisioning
• Integrating with End-customer Network
• Post-Sales Support & Remote Management & Monitoring