Power, Oil, & Gas

Power, Oil, & Gas

Our solutions and services under Power, Oil & Gas industry verticals are

* Sub-station Automation / SCADA related activities.
* CCTV / Video surveillance for sub-stations and control Centers
* UHF Data connectivity for SCADA
* High speed RF Links for backbone networking

RTU & FRTU Erection & Commissioning

Data Acquisition begins at the FRTU / RTU including meter readings and equipment status communicated to Control Centre over Wide Area Networks Links. Typically RTU’s having hundreds of DI/DO and AI are deployed in a sub-stations and a fewer DI/DO RTU which are popularly known as FRTU are deployed in RMU / Sectionizers. Sub-stations automation depends on the actual field condition like how large is the sub-station is and how many points or measurands are there to be mapped and database building is required.

Envision provides following services for RTU – Sub-Station automation.
1. Adaption Survey
2. Logistics
3. Single and Power Cable Laying and Termination
4. Database Building
5. Firmware Loading/Upgrading & Local Testing
6. End to End Testing and co-ordinating with Control Centre
7. Establishing WAN Connectivity. Ex. Leased Line, MPLS, Microwave/ RF Links
8. Documentation including As Built Drawings

Envision provides following services for FRTU – RMU/Sectonizers
1. Logistics
2. Cable Laying and Termination
3. Firmware Loading/Upgrading & Local Testing
4. End to End Testing and co-ordinating with Control Centre
5. Establishing WAN Connectivity. Ex. GPRS/CDMA, UHF Data connectivity
6. Documentation.

Video Surveillance with Analytics

Video Surveillance is transforming to Smart Surveillance by using Smart Cameras with Analytical algorithms at the edge or at Core by a VMS Server. VMS systems are being integrated with other system like Access Control to extend the capability and reduce the manpower and errors. These kind of system reduce operational expenses by 30%.

Studies show that Manual surveillance is impractical as the number of channels increase and Lacks attention span. Watching video output is a boring job even for a motivated employees and it is un-productive. Deploying Feature rich higher resolution cameras is not sufficient, these cameras are mere building block of a large Video Surveillance System. A Video Surveillance System is meaning full when Video Analytical software having advanced Analytical Algorithms are deployed and configured for each and every cameras. This is like computers watching video and raising Alerts/Alarms when something is found suspicious beyond a threshold level. Monitoring staff still have to deal with FALSE Alarms, Some of the Analytical features are

1. Alert Car Parked in a particular Zone for more than 5 Minutes
2. Loitering, Wrong direction Movement.
3. Object Classification.

Integrating VMS system with other system like Access Control using OPC to share Alarms & Alerts is becoming popular and wide range of customized solutions are deduced.

Solution Highlights

· High Resolution / Higher Frame Rates
· IP Based Cameras
· Advanced Analytics Software integration as per the application
· Access Control System Integration
· Redundant / Failover NVR Servers
· External Alarm Integration
· Remote Monitoring / Viewing
· Control Centre
. Video Wall
. Multi Location Recording/Viewing

UHF Data connectivity for SCADA

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) is a process control system that enables a system operator to monitor and control processes distributed among various remote sites. A properly designed SCADA system saves time and money by eliminating the need for service personnel to visit each site for inspection, data collection and logging or to make adjustments. Real-time monitoring, system modifications and troubleshooting as well as increased equipment life and automatic report generation are just a few of the benefits that come with modern SCADA systems.

Services Highlights
· Network Design & Engineering.
· Supply, Installation & Commissioning of equipment’s and Towers.
· Integrating with End-customer Equipment’s and Control Centre.
· Post-Sales Support & Remote Management & Monitoring.

Application Areas
· SCADA systems – data transfer in remote monitoring systems and industry process management
· Traffic Signal Controlling.
· Connection of ATM , Kiosks and other Terminals.
· Transmission of Metrological Measurements.
· Complex mobile systems in public transport, taxi fleet etc.