Our Solutions and services for Small Office Home Office are given below.

* Small CCTV Bundled solutions

* Wireless LAN

CCTV/Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance comes in two technologies i.e Analog or IP. Video surveillance using Analog cameras is very popular and highly effective for many surveillance application due to its simplicity in integration between Cameras and DVR of any brand/make.

In Analog Camera, Video signals is processed and transmitted in Analog format over same co-axial cables which are used for television. A DVR (Digital Video Recorder) along with the display monitor is placed at the central monitoring location and gets connected to the cameras, a DVR has one or more Hard Disk Drive for video footage storage. In the IP Technology DVR is replaced by NVR (Network Video Recorder) which is of Server grade Hardware with Windows OS.

Solution Highlights

· IP Solutions
. IP Cameras
· Analog Solutions
. Analog Cameras
· Remote View / Alert
. Using 3G Network
. Using MPLS/LL connectivity

Salient Features
· Lower Initial Cost, especially those on a budget.