Enterprise wireless LAN

Enterprise wireless LAN

Wi-Fi has become the access method of choice for users at office, Home and on Road. Every laptop sold in the recent years incorporated in Wi-Fi in one or the other standard, majority of the new Smart Phones or PDA comes with built in Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi is no longer a niche technology used largely for Internet access in conference rooms or visitor areas. Technology has matured and high throughput access points are available in the market, Wi-Fi is replacing wired network in cubicles and office areas, core business applications are deployed on Wireless LAN.
Smart Wireless LAN systems for enterprises comprises of a) Wireless LAN controller, Indoor & Outdoor Access Points with smart Antennas, External Wide angle Antenna, Wi-Fi Management Software.
Wireless LAN Access Points in tandem with Controllers enhances the network capability by multi-fold like, Handling Wi-fi Spectrum efficiently to give high throughput, Smart Mesh networking that eliminates need to run Ethernet cables, Dynamically increasing the transmit power of the antenna or focusing antenna beam to reach handheld devices , lesser access points and finally leading to lower cost of ownership.

Solution Highlights

. Centralized Management
. 802.11 a/b/g/n Standards
. High Secured Wireless LAN
. Adaptive RF Signal
. Adaptable Hybrid Mesh
. Employees – Guest Isolation
. Multisite Authentication
. Load Balancing to optimize Wi-Fi Spectrum

Applications Areas

. Enterprise Core LAN’s. Guest and Employee isolation
. Data & Voice share the same WLAN Hardware
. Hotels, Ware-House , Retail
. Integration with Multiplexer for voice with E1/T1 interfaces

Services Highlights

. Site survey, Engineering Services
. Supply, Installation & Commissioning of equipment’s
. Integrating with End-customer Network
. Integrating Multi-Location Offices
. Post-Sales Support & Remote Management & Monitoring