In Professional Video Surveillance, high resolution feature rich cameras are deployed. These cameras enhance video quality depending on the surrounding using various technologies like WDR, WBC, image enhancements, Auto Focus ..etc. a differences are noticed easily when the environment condition changes.
Cameras do come with a few Digital IO Ports to terminate Alarm signals coming from external devices and also has features to activate relays based on the input alarms. PTZ Cameras comes with built in patrolling mode and pre-sets to move the cameras to predetermined position or when an Alarm is activated.

Solution Highlights

. High Resolution with Higher Frame Rates
. Option of IP / Analog Cameras
. DVR or NVR
. External Alarm Integration
. Remote View / Alert
. Using 3G Network
. Using MPLS/LL connectivity
. Integration with various third party tools and software
. Control Centre
. Large LED Monitors
. Multi Location Recording/Viewing

Salient Features

. Features rich cameras for integration
. Remote view capability. Easy integration on MAN / WAN Links
. Works on existing LAN Infrastructure, minimum cabling to existing setup
. Dual Streaming

Applications Areas

. Medium & Large Offices | Campus
. Retail Shops | Malls
. Parking Lots Visitor Area / Security Gate Area