Video Surveillance Solutions

Video Surveillance Solutions

In Video Surveillance or Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), Video Cameras are used to transmit Video signal and many cases with Audio also to a specific place on a limited set of monitors unlike in broadcast television which are openly transmitted.


Video Surveillance application are numerous, a few examples are parking lots where their use resulted in a 50% decrease in crime; Public transportation areas saw a 23% decrease in crime, other application areas includes Large Shopping Malls, Jewellery shops, Mini Shopping Centres, Enterprises, Manufacturing Industries, Warehouses ..etc. End Customs imaginations & demands have pushed the traditional Video Surveillance to Smart Surveillance, Cameras are not just Cameras anymore, they have transformed into a powerful & yet small foot print computers by itself.


Envision works on the niche areas focusing on customer’s needs, tailoring the solutions to meet their demands. We have classified our solutions under video surveillance as given below.


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