RF Links I&C

RF Links I&C

These services are for telco’s / OEM’s and for enterprise customers.We offer these services in selected states Via Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and case by case PAN India basis.

Type of RF Links / Equipment’s

• Licensed and Unlicensed Band. Licensed band equipment’s are used by telco’s and unlicensed band Radio by Enterprise customers or for LMDS
• RF radio with wide range of interfaces like Ethernet / E1 / OFC Interface depending on the end user application.
• SDH / PDH Radios are typically used by Telco’s
• Integrated or External Antenna and External antenna size goes up to 3 meters or 10 foot dia

Services offered are given below.

• Logistics / Transportation
• RFI or Ready for Installation Inspection
• Cable laying / conducting
• Erection of Tower / Mast / Pole mounts if necessary
• RF Link installation & Commissioning
• Acceptance Testing and Handover to Operator
• Throughput Testing
• Documentation of Configuration with snap shots